Background of the Business Advisory Group

The Euroarctic Chamber of Commerce (EACC) was established in March 1996 in Murmansk, Russian Federation. The main goals of the EACC have been:

  • launch initiatives and cooperate with governments and organisations solving economic problems with a special attention to
  1. development of business infrastructure
  2. development of transport and communication systems
  3. development of human resources with consideration of social welfare
  • support and assist the chamber member companies carrying out their duties and tasks with emphasis on
  1. identification and development of business relations
  2. juridical and economical aspects
  3. permanent exchange of experience and information of market development and regulations
  4. training personnel and specialists
  5. solving international business disputes
  • development and improvement of the chambers organisations

In 2005 the EACC consists of following member chambers:


Lapland Chamber of Commerce
Oulu Chamber of Commerce


Finnmark Chamber of Commerce
Troms Chamber of Commerce

Russian Federation

Arkhangelsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The North Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Murmansk
Republic of  Karelia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Komi Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce
Västerbotten Chamber of Commerce

The chair of Sweden in the Barents Euroarctic Council Working Group of Economic Cooperation (WGEC) in 2002 started discussion about the need of continuous input of views and proposals from the regional business communities. WGEC agreed that a Business Advisory Group consisting of representatives from regional business organisations should be established. The Euroarctic Chamber of Commerce made proposal according to the discussion with some Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Russian member Chambers that EACC could organize and coordinate the work of the Business Advisory Council in Barents Region. So the Council of the EACC established in November 2002 the Barents Business Advisory Group using the model of the Baltic Sea cooperation (CBSS BAC). Every Chamber has named one representant to the BBAG, in practice CEO/President/director of the Chamber.

The activities of the Barents Region Business Advisory Gorup

The Business Advisory Group, BBAG, is a body in the framework of the Barents Euroarctic Council. BBAG is not an organisation, it is an advisory council. The members of this BAG are nominated by regional Chambers of Commerce.Council came into operation in November 2002 with the aim of giving advice to various bodies in the Barents Euroarctic Region regarding economic and business matters. BBAG thus speaks on behalf of the business communities in the region.

BBAG is a small and informal body and it does not receive any funding from Barents Euroarctic Council nor any other authorities. BBAG reports to Barents Euroarctic Council Workingroup of Economic Cooperation (WGEC) as well as to ministerial meetings. BBAG participates very actively in the work of the WGEC. Also BBAG gives reports and makes initiatives regarding economic and business matters in the Barents Euroarctic Region.

BBAG has had meetings each year. Most of the meetings have been in the Russian part of the Barents Region together with project meetings or other bigger events for business community. BBAG has given three reports. First in October 2003 during the 9th session of the Barents Euoroarctic Council, second in February 2004 during the meeting of the WGEC. Third was given in Harstad Norway in November 2005 during the 10th session of the Barents Euroarctic Council.

The Members of the Business Advisory Group Barents Euroarctic Region Business Advisory Group consists of following members:

Mr. Timo Rautajoki, Chairman
CEO, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Finland
President of the EACC

Mr. Andreas Lind

Managing director, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce, Sweden

Mr. Jan Bergmark

Managing director, Västerbotten Chamber of Commerce, Sweden

Ms. Grete Kristoffersen

Managing director, Troms Chamber of Commerce, Norway

Mr. Knut Hennigsen

Managing director, Finnmark Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Jaakko Okkonen

Managing director, Oulu Chamber of Commerce, Finland

Mr. Anatoly Glushkov

Chairman, The North Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Murmansk, Russian Federation

Mr. Sarkis Manasaryants

President, Komi Republic Chamber of Comerce and Industry, Russian Federation

Mr. Oleg Semkov

President, Arkhangelsk Chamber of Comerce and Industry, Russian Federation

Mr. Aleksandr Pankratov

President, Republic of Karelia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russian Federation

The secretariat of the BBAG has from the very beginning been in Rovaniemi in Lapland Chamber of Commerce
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