The Presidium consists of the EACC President and vice president that are nominated annually. The EACC Presidium 2008:


Timo Rautajoki, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Finland
Mr. Rautajoki has been president of Lapland CCI from the year 1989. The president of the EACC he has been from the year 1996. He has also been  chairman of Barents Business Advisory Group from 2002. He is also chairman of the Barents Regional Council Working Group on Investments and Economic Cooperation from 2007. Mr. Rautajoki is also chairman of Finnish Chambers of Commerce Russia Working group.

Vice Presidents:

Anatoly M. Glushkov, The North Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Murmansk. Mr. Glushkov has been the president of NCCI from 1990 and EACC vice president from 1992. Mr. Glushkov is also member of board in the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
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